“Sweat The Style” With Founder Adrianne Ho



For Adrianne Ho, physical activity has always been fashionable. The Canadian model parlayed her passion for all things nutrition and style into Sweat The Style, a lifestyle website that has now become its own brand. Showcasing how wise sartorial choices go hand-in-hand with healthy living, it’s no surprise brands (and every streetwear website under the sun) have been knocking at her door. Luckily for Life+Times, she’s been answering. Here, the fitness guru shows us why it’s never been more fashionable to be fit.

Life+Times: What was your childhood like? I know you grew up in Toronto, as did I.
Adrianne Ho:
I was born and raised in Toronto but both my parents are from different countries. My dad is from Hong Kong and my mom is from France. They met in London and moved to Canada where I was born. Being raised in a multicultural household and city like Toronto, I was exposed to a wide range of foods, culture, and experiences. That influenced me a lot growing up. I’ve always been attracted to new, different and exciting things in life. My love for fitness came later on when I started modeling professionally and had to balance out my love to eat!

L+T: Were you an active child?
I was a tomboy growing up and I was always out running around and fighting with the boys.

L+T: What was the impetus behind launching your website Sweat The Style? What did you want to achieve with it?
Sweat The Style is a natural and organic extension of my life. I wanted to create an active lifestyle culture and brand devoted to fashionable fitness, natural beauty, positive health, and real food. It’s a digital space where people can learn about healthier alternatives from traditional diets, beauty products, and workout regimens. It’s about making health and fitness beautiful, stylish, and fun. Expect to see a wide range of unisex apparel, natural home and beauty products, and brand collaborations from Sweat The Style in the future that really speak to our culture.

L+T: What has the response been to the site?
The response has been overwhelmingly positive, so many people and brands reaching out who want to be part of Sweat The Style or who have been touched and inspired by it. I think people are really embracing the idea that health and positivity can also be cool and sexy.

L+T: You’ve managed to find a unique niche in a space that is already cluttered. What do you think it is about your platform that has made you stand out?
I think the cultural climate is shifting. Active is the new casual. People want to workout, eat healthy, feel good, and look fashionable while doing it. Sweat The Style is the leader in that movement. Mixing “streetwear” and high fashion with an athletic sensibility is a reflection of the times. Every product, recipe, and workout regime created, endorsed, and promoted by Sweat The Style represents quality, authenticity, and style. My goal is to create a 360-degree experience.

L+T: Staying hydrated is something that is incredibly important to a balanced life. What are your rules to hydration?
Stay hydrated and hungry. Never be thirsty.

L+T: Your personal style is very unique and very athletic. When you wake up in the morning , what are your rules to getting dressed?
My rules to getting dressed are there are no rules. I’m a girl who mostly shops in the men’s section, wears sneakers outside the gym, and throws on a high fashion piece on the way to workout. Sweat The Style shows that just because you’re active doesn’t mean you can’t be in vogue.

L+T: Music is something that is important to any good workout. What currently gets you pumped up?
Sweat Studios Mixes on Sweat The Style of course! My DJ friends create monthly workout mixes for my own motivation as much as for everyone else’s. I love getting lost in the music while working out.

For more information on Adrianne Ho, check out Sweat The Style.