Birds of a Feather




Christophe Coppens adds nuance to the role of the traditional milliner. The Belgian designer of hats, accessories and apparel prides himself on creating classic looks with unique flair. “Bring out what is already there, don’t disguise,” he says of the ideal hat. “(It) has the personality of the one who wears. It has to make the person pretty and confident. It has to be technically perfect and if possible innovative.”

He counts the Belgian Royal Family among his clients. “The design is same as for every woman, only you have certain codes you need to respect,” he says of designing for monarchs. “It is a matter of balance. It is a serving role. You try to understand the balance between fashion and the public role they have.”

Lately, his themes have been tied to the animal kingdom, including brightly colored bird inspired work for his fall 2010 collection and a zoo motif for spring 2011. The idea was to take over the best qualities of birds, the safety of their nest, their beauty, their freedom.” He recently launched the new line CC for JBC, a mainstream collection with accessories for women, men and children distributed in 113 shops in Belgium. (Christophe Coppens)