Life+Times Video Premiere: Wolf Colony “The One” (Luscious Fox Remix)



Wolf Colony’s “The One” remixed by Atlanta-based producer, Luscious Fox, is perfectly paired with the smooth moves of Storyboard P. Although the remix is playful in sound, Wolf Colony’s lyrics bring a vulnerable and meaningful element to the track (“I think that you’re the one.”). The masked singer-songwriter says, “’The One’ is a very special song to me. It is deeply personal and completely honest. Luscious Fox breathed new life into it by remixing it. I can’t help but dance every time I listen to it. I wanted it captured in movement. Max Bartick and Storyboard P did an incredible job at visualizing what I was imagining, which is the free expression of dance through music.”

Director Max Bartick enlisted Storyboard P to complement the track. Summarizing the concept of “The One” video Bartick states, “On a conceptual level, the video discusses the struggle between societal expectations and our inner animal. The battle between ID and superego – and the eventual overcoming of one by the other. This relationship is represented by the two characters our dancer, Storyboard P, plays.” P’s fluid, expressive dance moves were also showcased during “Picasso Baby” at JAY Z’s live performance at Pace Gallery show in NYC. His rhythmic movements throughout “The One” can best be described in one word: mesmerizing. Bartick continues, “The real magic comes from Storyboard himself. Working with him is amazing. He comes to set without listening to the song, to keep his reaction to the music authentic. He improvises everything on the spot, based on this reaction. The result is an uninhibited translation of music to movement. Watching Storyboard is watching a story unfold. He takes a narrative and puts his mark on it. A smooth, ‘how does his body even do that?’ mesmerizing mark. He told our story his way.”

Wolf Colony’s debut Unmasked album is out March 3, 2015.