Life+Times Presents: Takashi Murakami, A Retrospective



With an upcoming exhibit taking place at the Qatar Museums Authority (QMA), which runs from February 9th – June 24th, we honor the man who needs no introduction at all. Here, Life+Times Presents: Takashi Murakami, A Retrospective.

[All work (c) 2011 Takashi Murakami/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.]

“And Then, When That’s Done…… I Change. What I Was Yesterday Is Cast Aside, Like An Insect Shedding Its Skin” (2009)

“This is DOB, one of my signature characters. The name “DOB” is spelled out by the letters on his ears and his “o” shaped face. The DOB project began as an exploration of what it takes to create an enduring modern icon but before long he became a form of self portrait.”

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