Wu LYF + Times



“In a cynical attempt to latch onto the easy buck of youth discontent, LYF corporations return with “DIRT;” a three minute 20-second promotional clip of strobe cut anarchy for the petite bourgeoisie. And hey there’s even words to karaoke to from the comfort of your cocoon.

A Facebook “like” carries more weight than a true kid holla; don’t take to the streets calling for what you believe, Yes Yes Big Buddy Bullshit a Tweet of truth will break your fantastic mundane. Just do it; two thousand and eleven.

Dollar is your only friend in the lonesome pig hustle of tru lyf and times. Getting paid/ making money. Stack bundles; build a home.

A lil’ flare of Lucifer for kids no longer blinded by spectacle glare; the fire burnt so bright until we all could see.” – Wu LYF