The Truth: Joe Budden



Watch Joe Budden join Elliott Wilson and discuss his upcoming battle on the latest episode of The Truth.

4 Responses to The Truth: Joe Budden

  1. fuckyocouch says:

    gonna be dope… hollow is the perfect guy to battle.. the best in thew game right now, he deserves it, plus he is business minded enough to not fuck up the sponsors and he will help grow the culture.

  2. Veliko Zdravja says:

    i dont want to be a super star
    i am nothin
    i ll be happy
    i ll be nothing
    new york
    new york
    change is a fact,
    5 in the morning please I need to react
    changing the milions up every day
    in every way
    long life forever 5 bilions is the right way

  3. Veliko Zdravja says:

    u see
    there was a time
    i was in other lines
    but life and times
    disccus the crimes
    i am no marcedes
    i am nothing
    konk fu taiji
    just be

  4. Veliko Zdravja says:

    i dont want to superstar
    i want money
    good contract
    jay z, if u
    i know u are
    it was written in the stars
    like rihhana have a child
    new superstar born
    old one managers
    superstars corn


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