Life+Times Video Premiere: Marz Leon “L O N E R”



Last week, LA-based singer and producer, Marz Leon, released her debut single “L O N E R.” Although she’s a newcomer to the music scene, her soulful vocal range and candid lyrics makes her sound like a seasoned pro. Here, Life Times premieres the official “L O N E R” video (Marz Leon even self-directed and edited the video!). Aris Jerome is the sole videographer. The L O N E R EP will drop later this summer.

“’L O N E R’ displays how you can go anywhere alone and still enjoy your time without depending on someone else to make that time more interesting. Self-realization and alone time is the best times of our lives. We learn a lot about ourselves. I spend most of my days alone when I am not working nor creating. So I wanted to show others a day and a life in a LONER’s eye. I randomly watched A Place Beyond the Pines one night, and completely just locked myself into that idea of going places fun alone (how I do) and enjoying that time to not have a worry or care in the world about anything else, but yourself. ‘L O N E R’ shows how you can create memorable moments spent by yourself as you would with a group of humans – for instance, playing ‘80s video games at EightyTwo in Downtown, going to Santa Monica pier to ride the roller coasters, and cruising down PCH with a party of your own in your car, just living life.” – Marz Leon