Life+Times Premiere: King avriel’s Storytelling Playlist



LA-based songbird and writer, King avriel (Avriel Epp), introduces a story through a combination of strong, yet sweet vocals in her latest single, “Caricature.” Her rolodex of songs is a fusion of meaningful lyrics (King avriel is quite the storyteller), hypnotic beats, and an overall sound that blurs the barriers of genres. “I don’t see myself as a fill-in-the-blank singer; I am a writer. I am a storyteller. I’d rather people spend less time trying to label me and spend more time trying to grapple with what I’m saying and understand the narrative I’m presenting,” Avriel states. Later this spring, Avriel will release her debut LP.

Avriel adds, “What inspires me is constantly evolving; however, I’ve always been drawn to good storytellers and smart lyricists – people who truly see songwriting as a vessel for complex messages that beg to be unpacked and analyzed. I’m also attracted to other musicians who can convey similarly complex ideas and feelings purely through sound, using sparse lyrics more so as scaffolding for that which cannot be articulated in words.” Here, Life Times premieres a King avriel curated playlist that transcends genres and embraces distinctive lyrics.