Against the Grain



The average man spends 60 hours shaving each year. Identical twins Hubert and Anthony Tsai, both successful Wall Street traders, created TwinLuxe to make the time spent with razor in hand as luxurious and comfortable as possible. TwinLuxe is the world’s most exclusive shaving product company, and it markets not only tailor-made, hand-crafted skincare products but also cutting-edge hardware. Designed by Marek Djordjevic, the same man that engineered the Phantom for Rolls-Royce, the instruments from TwinLuxe feature space age materials typically found in high performance cars and ultra-fine wristwatches.

The brand’s Anthracite Shave set ($1,088) is coated with PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, to provide a hardened, matte black finish.  In addition to a traditional chrome set ($788), TwinLuxe produces a limited edition Arctic shave set ($1,588) made with white alumina ceramic, a substance that is all but entirely scratch resistant.  Each shave set is accompanied by a brush made from natural silvertip badger hair.  The hair is hand sorted, washed and finished in Germany, and creates a bristle that is more water absorbent than a sponge.

The twins are quick to point out that their shaving skin care products aren’t off the shelf either. In fact, they spent four years in development before coming to market, hiring their own lab to develop proprietary formulas from scratch. They combined Asian botanicals such as Pearl Powder and Hydrolyzed Rice protein with the latest from the world of dermatology to create a line meant to work with every skin type.

TwinLuxe focuses on design and performance – and in doing so, has brought shaving into the 21st century. (TwinLuxe)