The 2014 McLaren P1: The Next F1



The McLaren P1 Concept made its first stop in New York City for a private viewing in December, a few months after it was first unveiled with much fanfare at the Paris Motor Show last fall.

Photos of the McLaren P1 design study don’t quite do justice to the detail on this carbon-fiber heavy super car concept. It’s porous, sculptural, flamboyant and inspired by a cheetah. McLaren’s head designer Frank Stephenson studied the physique and mannerisms of the cheetah while developing the P1 strategy.

The design study is actually quite close to reality down to its secretive interior, according to McLaren sales manager Marcus Korbach, who said it is “This is a 97 percent production car.” He pointed out differentiations on the front bumper and the rear vents as areas that would be modified on the final production car. The 2014 Mclaren P1 will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March as the rightful successor to the F1. That’s also when the engine specs, interior details will be shown. Orders are already in for the millon-dollar plus model.