Leica Joins Forces With Moncler On a New Collaboration



Leica Camera continues to celebrate 100 years of photography with the limited Leica X Edition Moncler.” The new edition was designed in collaboration with Moncler and infuses both brand’s values of quality design and technicality. The aesthetically pleasing and highly technical camera pays homage to the French origins of Moncler with a premium leather trim in a three-color scheme of red, white, and blue. The silver version of the Leica X is appealing to both photographers and fashion forward camera users. The exclusive Leica X ‘Edition Moncler’ is strictly limited to 1,500 units for the entire global market. The additional camera case was designed in accordance with Moncler’s world famous down jackets. The matching genuine leather camera strap bears the inscription, Leica & Moncler, highlighting the collaboration.

This exclusive camera was first unveiled during the Frieze Art Fair in London at the opening of Fabien Baron’s exhibition, “Monuments.” The opening was hosted by Leica and Moncler at Sotheby’s in October. Fabien Baron, Vanity Fair’s “most sought-after creative director in the world”, highlights the exemplary collaboration between Leica and Moncler with his exhibition. Baron’s photographs, captured with the Leica S medium-format camera system, show the spectacular ice and snow-bedecked landscapes of Greenland and express the fascination of nature with which Moncler is deeply involved.

The technical specifications of the Leica X Edition Moncler are identical to those of the standard production model of the new Leica X camera. The camera features a professional APS-C-format CMOS sensor with 16.5 megapixels (effective 16.2 megapixels) with a Summilux 23 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens, increasing creative freedom and guaranteeing exceptionally brilliant pictures.

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