Watch The Throne: Riccardo Tisci



L+T: What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
: In the morning I kickbox and before I go to bed I pray. I come from a ghetto of Italy, but from a fantastic family and I say thank you to god for giving me these great opportunities in my life.

L+T: How do you relax?
: I relax by doing sports. I used to play basketball as a kid. But I took a break, but in the last little while I’ve gone back to playing sports. I’m ok at basketball and mini-volley. But, right now, I’m focusing on running and meditation. Once a year I go to India to meditate. I’m much more into meditation but I think I need to break down a little bit.

L+T: What’s your head space like right now?
: I’m very late with the show. So a little stressed. But I’m very happy. I have good things and problems of course. But I feel very light because life is a bitch. But at sometimes, we are very lucky. I have great people in my life, and some others who I’ve never met. But, I feel very lucky to share things with people I love. But, ask me in two weeks, and it might be a different answer. (Givenchy)