The Style Guide With Ovadia & Sons



Shimon and Ariel Ovadia have had no formal training in design. While they spent time observing their father’s garment business, these two Brooklyn-based brothers have managed to shine through their lineage and in doing so, have launched their own label, aptly titled Ovadia & Sons. In 2012, Ariel and Shimon were named GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers in America and they’ve positioned themselves as making gear for real dudes – timeless, classic, and ever so sophisticated.

Life+Times: It’s all about the fit and details – and you guys, plain and simple, nail it. What makes your product unique?
: One of the reasons that we started Ovadia & Sons is because the clothing we wanted didn’t exist. We have our vision of the way we want clothing to look, feel and fit. We use high quality fabrics and pay close attention to fit, detail and design. We love to borrow from the past and recreate it, so there is a fresh yet familiar feel.

L+T: If you had to choose one iconic guy who represents the Ovadia and Sons customer – who would it be and why?
: Its’ tough to choose just one. For me its guys like Gary Cooper and Clark Gable. Those men had personal style and a certain coolness to them.

L+T: What are your five rules to getting dressed?
Shimon and Ariel
. We believe that you can make your own rules. Just know what works for you.
.Confidence. You need to feel confident in what you’re wearing.
. Always feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Make sure you’re wearing the clothing and not the other way around.
. Dress according to your mood. It will change your day.
. Don’t spend too much time with fashion trends. They come and go like the seasons. Classic is always in style.

Shimon: The brand has an identity and the vision is clear. From the cohesiveness of the collections to the quality and fit of our products, it clarifies the message that we’re giving.