The Inferno Coat: From Sketchpad to Shelves



We’ve been long time fans of Alexander Stutterheim, the entrepreneur behind his brand Stutterheim Raincoats, whose creations are infused with his tagline – “Swedish melancholy at its driest.” His latest creation, “The Inferno Coat,” was a labor of love, and luckily for us, Alexander let us dig through his sketchbook to find the origins (and various lives) of his latest coat. The Inferno Coat is handmade in a single waxed cotton fabric that is made in the British Midlands, designed in Stockholm and assembled in Europe.

“On the face of it, Inferno is a handmade all-weather coat sewn in the finest cotton fabric and fortified with a special waxing. But we like to think of it more as a pièce de résistance in the everyday struggle against inner as well as outer demons. With its comfortable fit and sturdy outside, we have dedicated it to all artists who have ever been inspired by the drizzling rain and their own clouded thoughts. Melancholy has long been a trademark for Swedish poets, directors, and artists of all sorts. But one stands out as a bottomless source of melancholic inspiration – August Strindberg. Ingmar Bergman called the 19th century novelist and playwright his ‘companion through life’. Strindberg called his memoirs ‘Inferno. From when we started we have been on a journey to create everyday relevance. To fit the everyday wardrobe – without leaving our main purpose – making you embrace your demons and the rain in style. To fit the wardrobe you need to earn it – just as we have done with our line of classic high quality handcrafted rain slickers. The Inferno is nothing less – it carries the same amount of craftsmanship – if not even more because of all the details” – Alexander Stutterheim