Slackin’ Off



Tim and Fiona Slack, designers for T&F Shoemakers London, are making eye catching kicks for the modern day man, who isn’t afraid of a little color. Live from their Notting Hill brick and mortar ship, we found out why elements like Roxy music and Han Coray have served as inspiration for their designs.

“This is the archetypal shoe that we made in the ’70s that was worn by a member of Roxy music. Unusual combinations like yellow and blue makes for a great English classic, all of which is part of the ethos of the brand.”

“The collection of shots centers on men’s and women’s crafted English styles, in particular the five-eyelet derby with modern colorful micro soles that gives the shoe its lightweight quality. The use of the colorful micro with traditional styles gives the shoes their contemporary edge, while still remaining classics. Our love of Bauhaus architecture and early modern furniture influenced the detail on a classic shoe. We named the shoe CORAY after Han’s Coray’s ‘Landi’ Chair, using the punched hole detailing to develop the derby into the coray.”

“The traditional English brogue updated in blue with a burgundy sole for a lightweight modern take. The multi colour suede brogue on the leather sole influenced by ’70s patchwork shoes but also a way to customize a traditional shoe because we can offer a range of colors to make customers individual choice in leather or suede.”

Photography: Stephen Jakub Photography