One Eye Open



Documenting the show outside of the shows, Toronto native Tommy Ton has made his name as a pioneering figure amongst the burgeoning wave of street style photographers. With his unique eye for careful detail, Ton captures the true ready-to-wear ensembles donned by editors, models, and celebrities who walk the streets every Fashion Week. During last month’s Spring/Summer shows in New York, Life + Times followed the master at work.

4 Responses to One Eye Open

  1. JasonFonceca says:


    Represent Tommy! I love how he talks about the Essence of Confidence being far more attractive than any particular item of clothing.

    Great to see a fellow-Toronto-ite, rocking it in New York. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Miguel says:

    I had the idea to do something like this before. Not in this way, not full time but I thought about!

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