No Label Watches: No Time Like The Present



They say your choice in the watch you wear on your wrist says a lot about who you are – from the shape, to the brand, to the material. But No Label Watches is here to rebel against those notions. The brand was launched as a way to come up with a watch that was  without any label or branding, but at the same time “transitional,” meaning it could take you from day to night seamlessly. Here, we chatted with Danny Victor, one of the founders about “a watch with no name.”

L+T: In 2007, the No Label Watches seed was planted and a concept gradually began to grow. What was your original idea when it came to No Label Watches? What did you want to achieve?
Danny Victor
: The original idea was to go into a different direction. To achieve something other than the run-of-the-mill T-shirt line. Something fun that can merchandise easily with just about any outfit that you can put together.

L+T: June 2012 marked an important date for the brand. Can you tell me a little bit about what happened during this time?
: Through travel, networking, expanding resources and developing partnerships, the No Label Watches vision truly came to fruition. In June 2012, No Label Watches was given a proper introduction into the market and new products and color ways were finally launched.

L+T: What exactly is the message behind your brand? What do you want people to experience when wearing your creations?
: Our main message is that No Label Watches are vibrant, colorful and timeless. We want people to experience something fresh and unique. When initially starting No Label the concept was exactly that – “no label.”  This meant that you do not have to fit into any criteria or label. Our brand is about creating something special without associating all the branding and logos. Wearing our timepieces or accessories gives the person wearing it the opportunity to remain true to their own personal style.

L+T: Who are the individuals involved in No Label Watches? What previous work experience do the three of you have that you felt would add to the success of your brand?
: The No Label Watches team consists of Luis Diaz, who originally conceptualized No Label. A street savvy entrepreneur whose interests range from fashion to action sports, Luis combined his eye for a different approach to entering the fashion business and decided watches would be a great way to make a stamp. Jayvon Smith, hailing from Marcy Projects, Brooklyn, grew up in the world of fashion and entertainment. Using his superior networking skills, Jayvon has propelled No Label to new heights. Finally Daniel Victor and Nathan Krivo round off the No Label team. They met at business school in South Florida. Shortly after graduation, they got involved in the fashion business. The duo started a successful clothing line that left its mark in the fashion industry. They now bring their experience and operations network into the No Label fold.

L+T: Blending your sphere of influence from action sports, to graffiti, to music and the world we live in, No Label gives the person wearing it the opportunity to remain true to their own personal style. What styles do you guys wear? Why? What do you think it says about you?
: There’s four of us in the fold, so the styles may vary but we like to wear a number of different brands depending on the occasion. Some of our favorites include Ralph [Lauren], Obey, 10 Deep and Trap Star from London. Basically these brands have been on their own navigated courses since inception and we believe in this approach. We believe in doing things our way while continuously working on improving our product and catering to the needs of our customers.

L+T: What else do you have coming down the pipe?
: We have many new exciting things in the future. We are working on a few watch collaboration projects. In addition to this we will be introducing new watch styles, using many different techniques, materials and prints. Finally we will also launch new accessories. We will continuously work on improving our product while catering to needs of our customers. Be on the look out for some great collaborations and events.

No Label Watches are available at their site at Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn, and UNKNWN in Miami.