Lapo Elkann Launches Italia Independent



Mr Lapo Elkann is at it again – this time, with the formation of his new lifestyle brand Italia Independent. With an emphasis on his signature eyewear, he fills us in on his latest business venture.

On the formation of his company Italia Independent

“I founded Italia Independent in 2007 along with Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco. Our first product was a pair of handmade sunglasses completely made in carbon fiber. Our mission is clear: to be a creative and stylish brand for independent people that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation and by updating the ‘Made in Italy’ notion by revisiting classic icons. The brand operates mainly in the eyewear field but creates lifestyle products belonging to different sectors – exporting the Italian style into a global world. Our presence is also global. The US market for instance is managed locally from the Miami office which opened at the end of the 2012. Americans started to fancy our products from the very beginning. The eyewear industry represents our core business. We are using innovative treatments, and we implement them on classic timeless shapes, proposing original products at the right price” – Lapo Elkann, Founder of Italia Independent.

On the launch of his new website

The new website has officially launched yesterday. There you will find all Italia Independent universe from its origins up to now. From the concept that have inspired the brand, to the people who have been accompanied it with their strenght and their ideas. And finally the products, from eyewear to clothing, accessories to home décor, and multiple collaborations with some of the most prestigious brands with whom Italia Independent developed exclusive products. Among those: Alfa Romeo, Borsalino, Vans, Vertu, Bear, Smeg e Toywatch, just to mention a few. All these Italia Independent products are available online, at our intuitive and user friendly brand new e-commerce platform.” – Lapo Elkann