Johan Lindeberg: The New Style of BLK DNM



BLK DNM, the new contemporary luxury brand inspired by downtown New York, was launched in February 2011 by Johan Lindeberg, as a way to establish a collection for both men and women that features a modern interpretation of classic denim, leather, and tailoring. Recently, they’ve announced the launch of the brands latest project, a limited-edition selection of jackets in textured luxury Italian leather and shearling fur combinations, stitched piece-by-piece in New York City’s garment district. While the classic BLK DNM leather jacket remains part of the brand’s core product, this project introduces a newer extension, which includes custom, made-to-measure and locally sourced and produced high-end pieces.

The project reinforces BLK DNM’s dynamic price structure between the contemporary and luxury markets. “I’ve built BLK DNM as a creative project, rather than just another fashion brand, to explore initiatives like this one. I like that we can take one of our core products, the leather jacket, and create an exclusive edition for a high- end capsule collection that fits with the brand identity,” Lindeberg says.

Each of the jackets are designed with a distinct, strong, feminine personality and highlights include a super-matte black lambskin, paired with a soft, black lamb suede and a military-green, croc-embossed lambskin. “I’m always inspired by independent, intelligent women with strong self-identities, and wanted to reflect those different personalities with this project, says Lindeberg. “Each leather jacket combines a unique pairing of leather textures and colors, as well as shearling fur variations, to present a strong character, each to speak to a different woman.”