Introducing Levi’s 501 Interpretations



Since its invention in1873 the Levi’s 501 jean has taken on a life of its own, becoming a beloved global icon of culture and style. As the original blue jean, it has evolved into one of the most adaptable fashion items ever created, defined by the people who wear them. The 501 jean has been so widely adopted that Time Magazine dubbed it the “Fashion Item of the 20th Century.” In celebration of the jean’s 140th anniversary this Spring, Levi’s launched a campaign to commemorate how fans and notables within fashion, music, entertainment—and everyone in between—are remixing a modern classic. Thousands of photos were submitted and featured on the 501’s website, showcasing the jean’s extraordinary versatility. A selection of these unique interpretations from around the world – 501 images to be exact – is featured in a limited edition book, 501 Interpretations. Levi’s® 501® Interpretations will offer a limited edition run, with 501 individually numbered books each featuring a unique cover image, so no two books will be alike. They will be case-bound in a high quality linen wrap and come inside a slipcase. These curated images within the book are both a testament to the Levi’s 501 brand’s enduring influence and a legacy for the future. Here, a look inside…