Inside Art & Fashion Boutique 10 Corso Como



In September 1990, Carla Sozzani launched a unique concept that would transform and transcend both the Milan and global shopping experience with her emporium 10 Corso Como – a lifestyle boutique that combines, art, fashion, photography and more. An innovative concept in culture and commerce, Sozzani’s fashion and design store was named after the street address in which it resides – the industrial building designed by artist Kris Ruhs who also created the store’s black and white logo. 10 Corso Como invites customers and visitors to participate in a succession of social and cultural activities in its space and directs you through promenades that cross cultures and desires in art, fashion, design and nature from around the world. Since its inception, the store now houses iterations in Tokyo (a collaboration between Sozzani and Rei Kawakubo) and 10 Corso Como Seoul in Korea, set up in partnership with Samsung. The original Milan spot is still one of the most sought after fashion emporiums, and here, Life+Times  takes you on a tour.