Industry Of All Nations: Products for the Modern Era



Industry Of All Nations is a unique concept. Launched in 2010 and headquartered in Los Angeles, the concept is to reinforce and produce products from the countries in which they are best manufactured. Here, two parts of the team Juan and Fernando explain the mission behind their brand and why their final goal is to become the purveyor of global goods for the modern world.

Life+Times: Tell me a little bit about your company, as the mission behind it is quite unique.
: Industry of All Nations works with communities around the world to produce goods in the countries where the product or technique originated. We open up to a global production process while respecting each product’s traditions and idiosyncrasies.
: During the past 30 years or so manufacturing of consumer goods migrated from their natural habitats to places in the world where, for various reasons, manufacturing became more cost effective. Here is where the tradition disappears. Industry of All Nations works to identify those beautiful, unique products or techniques that have remained in anonymity. By working with these types of manufactures we are bringing them back to the modern stage.

L+T: What’s it like working together – you’re brothers after all.
: Being able to work together is one of the main reasons we created IOAN. We have big goals; and three brothers at the helm from the beginning was key to making IOAN what it is today.
: Yes, we’re three brothers who founded Industry of All Nations. That’s the strongest foundation you can ask for: Three partners that trust each other 100%. Then, of course, things can get intense once in a while.

L+T: You set up your business in 2010. In the almost three years that it’s been around, how has it changed? Has the original mission changed from inception to where it is now?
: No. The original mission was to create a new kind of consumer goods company where products would be made not necessarily where they’re cheapest or the most efficient to make, but where the heart of that good lies. This is where those products are truly the most amazing.

L+T: What’s behind the name?
: Our name says it all: INDUSTRY OF ALL NATIONS.

L+T: You’ve said that your goal is to “rethink methods of production for consumer goods.” How are you achieving this?
: We wanted to create a new brand, but not just with the intention of having another clothing or lifestyle company just for the hell of making garments or products. We are taking production to the next level; where the social and environmental aspect of each production becomes more important that the perfection and cheap costs of, let’s say, Chinese mass production. In those cases, workers may have no idea what they are creating or copying. They just consider how to do it cheap and fast, no matter how it is achieved.

L+T: What are your plans to grow the business? Where do you see the brand in 10 years?
: We want to become the brand that represents what we are as a Planet Earth community. We always say that when foreigners visit, they like to buy Abercrombie & Fitch because it’s a representation of U.S. So if aliens were to visit our planet, they should want to take back IOAN as the most representative brand of our world. Aliens in the next 10 years probably won’t happen, but we do see IOAN having a strong presence in many countries, with concept stores, and teaming up with different types of companies to create IOAN products. Meeting up with GM, Toyota, or VW to create an IOAN car…
: In 10 years we plan to expand the brand to more categories of everyday goods. For example we could have brooms made in Chile or perfumes made in Colombia. The final goal is to become purveyor of global goods for the modern world.

L+T: Are you planning on expanding to other brand categories? If so, what are they?
: Yes. Industry of All Nations will have many divisions and product categories for men and women of any age, but always with the same simple, modern, free aesthetic and soul.