Ferrari and Logic3 Make Noise Together



There are some things you have to see up close in order to get a feel for the craftsmanship and durability the product offers; those few accessories that need to be touched by the human hand in order to gauge its luxurious tangibility and strength. Logic3 and Ferrari have joined forces on their collaborative collection – a range of world-leading audio products that features seven styles of earphones and headphones that celebrate the automotive companies excellence and flair. It’s the epitome of a “sense making” joint venture – two of the most respected companies in their fields bridging together the gap between automobiles and technology for a series of sough-after goods. “We’re delighted to launch the first earphones and headphones within the iconic Ferrari by Logic3 collection, which celebrate the style and technical excellence of Ferrari,” says Ashvin Patel, Logic3’s CEO. “Throughout the design and engineering process, we have worked meticulously with the Italian brand to ensure the Ferrari by Logic3 collection delivers the excellence that the legendary marque demands.”  

The range is comprised of two distinguished collections: The Scuderia Ferrari Collection (inspired by the competition, speed and technological innovation of the F1 team) and The Ferrari Cavallino Collection (a collection influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s timeless GT road cars). Andrea Perron who is the Senior Vice President of Brands at Ferrari says, “Performance and quality underpins everything Ferrari does. We design and create cars which reflect our customers’ aspirations, those who strive for, and achieve, the best in life. We have long held a strong desire to move into the audio market and selected Logic3 as our partner based on the company’s passion and enthusiasm for audio excellence.” Turn it up… get loud. For more information on pricing and availability, visit Ferrari By Logic3.