Douglas Booth Celebrates Ferragamo



Salvatore Ferragamo’s Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti, now 15 years at the helm of the men’s division, joins photographer Francesco Carrozzini in a new project focused on individuality and the idea of “rules.” Together, they cast a group of men who, in their own ways, have made their own rules in finding success in their passions. Here, they celebrate the launch of A Man’s Story, celebrating Salvatore coming to America and making his own rules in founding the luxury made to order fashion house. The Ferragamo man is captured in new light, shot around the world and exploring the boundaries on men’s style. Exclusively to Life+Times, actor Douglas Booth speaks to us about his accelerated style.

Life+Times: You’ve participated in an upcoming project with Ferragamo. When it comes to the brand, what comes to mind?
Douglas Booth
: Pure class. You can’t get much classier than Salvatore Ferragamo.

L+T: When it comes to your style, how would you define it?
: I find it quite hard to define my own style. Perhaps because I don’t put myself in any specific box. I like to wear what makes me feel comfortable. But I also think style is something more than what one wears. It’s all about the way you behave. It’s about being kind and courteous to all those around you as well.

L+T: You have great taste. What are certain items of clothing that you’re drawn towards?
: Not everyone would agree, but thanks! Black slim fit jeans, a plain T-shirt and boots are my staple pieces. You’ll find me in that 95 percent of the time. For me it’s a great uniform, after that you can add any number of jackets, coats, jumpers and they’ll all go.

L+T: Is there something in your closet that you would never throw away? If so, what is it? Why?
I have one of the costumes I wore when I played Boy George in Worried About the Boy. It’s very precious to me.

L+T: The project is all about “making your own rules.” Do you consider yourself a rule breaker?
: I think we are all rule breakers whether we realize it or not. Every time we get dressed in the morning, every time we make a decision to do what we do every day, we are making our own rules. Rules have always had to be broken in order to evolve and improve. I guess it’s what makes humans pretty unique.

L+T: Sure, your looks on the red carpet are different from what you wear during your down time. If we caught you at home, what would you be wearing?
: Nothing! No. Tracksuit bottoms and a huge oversized hoodie that I hastily bought in Wales when me and my mate were about to climb Snowdon and realized as we were about to set off that we were desperately underdressed.

L+T: We love the photos that Francesco Carrozzini took. What was it like working with him?
: Brilliant. He manages to very easily get great pictures out of people. He comes to set with a great energy that rubs off on whoever he’s photographing. Everything he captures is quite fluid and in the moment. It was also the worst kind of London weather when we shot it and we ended up getting pictures that looked like a spring day, so he’s certainly a genius in that respect!