Colin Tunstall Of Saturdays Surf NYC Discusses Spring 2013 Collection



Since they set up shop in NYC in 2009, Saturdays Surf NYC founders Colin Tunstall, Josh Rosen and Morgan Collett have gone on to open a Tokyo outpost, have collaborated with GQ and The Gap on their recent capsule collection, and have outfitted every guy and girl in Manhattan (and beyond) in one of their tees. Their concept brings the surf culture to the east coast, and in doing so, they’ve hit a niche market that everyone has come to both love and respect. Plus, these men are entrepreneurs in every sense of the word, so respect must be given where respect is due. Today, they launched their Spring 2013 collection and we spoke with co-founder Tunstall about the direction their latest collection has taken.

Life+Times: What albums were you listening to when putting together this collection? Where there any particular songs/albums/artists that inspired this collection?
Colin Tunstall
: We were listening to Phil Spector’s Flips And Rarities, Umberto’s Prophecy Of The Black Widow and Action Bronson’s The Program. It was mostly compilations on random though. Music plays a big part of our store and office but no correlation to any particular artist or song.

L+T: How do you feel this collection has matured since your previous one?
: We turned the lights on for Spring. We really wanted this season to contrast Fall. Lots of color and we played with a few original prints designed in the office. We choose to include some of the brighter colors in places that we haven’t explored before. For the Ernesto Rain Jackets we produced a bright green and bright blue colorway to match some of the pieces used throughout the collection. Its pretty fun all around and a nice change from what we usually wear through the winter.

L+T: You now have three stores – two in NYC and one in Tokyo – any more plans to set up shop elsewhere around the globe? What are some other locations you have your eye glued to?
: Our concept was built around New York City and when we visited Tokyo it made sense to open there with the similarities the cities shared. The culture, the lifestyles and the love and passion for surfing. We’re working on infrastructure and creating a really solid base so if the opportunity comes up in similar places around the world we’ll be ready to take them on if we’d like.

L+T: What about the new designs?
: We have new original prints used throughout from towels to bags to lining jackets that were fun to tie the collection together.