Cartier Unveils The Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection




Cartier. Paris. Which inspires which? The city and the jeweller are inseparable, linked by an invisible creative thread, a French charm whose incomparable spirit is embodied by Parisian ladies. With the Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection, a creative gallery of jewelry and cocktail rings in the finest Cartier tradition, it is this Parisian lady who is encapsulated in a jewellery flourish of character. A collection designed as a hymn to her multiple nuances and hues, her secrets of seduction and style. A love story in motion, between the lady and the jeweler, mapped out in rings and streets, bracelets and bridges spanning day and night. From one neighbourhood to the next, the Parisian knows her way, playful or fatal, now bright, now delicate, always elegant wherever she goes. For this lady, Cartier imagines jewels with signature allure, translating the freedom and modernity of the eternally Parisian lady. These jewels fit her personality, creative and in tune with Cartier codes: graphic force rippling with femininity, a touch of sophisticated fantasy, spirit and modernity with the classic hallmark of jewellery excellence. Here, Life+Times takes a look through the houses most innovative jewelry collection.