The Cutting Room Floor



In most cases, fashion editors have pieces in their wardrobes that set them apart from their sartorial set. But collectively, they have one thing in common: Garance Doré. The French fashion blogger has been pioneering street-savvy style with lush photos, a mix of musings and must-haves peppered with illustrations for over four years on her site, clocking in some of the fashion world’s elite as daily readers. We caught up with Doré to find out a little more about her approach to style, creativity and blogging abroad.

Life + Times: What’s your go-to item of clothing?
Garance Doré:
Repetto ballerinas

L+T: What designer made you fall in love with fashion?
Yves Saint Laurent

L+T: How do you weave your illustrations into your editorial?
I write first and then I draw.

L+T: What makes you want to shoot a subject?
It’s a certain connection to a person or a place. If that person or place inspires me.

L+T: Which three people would write, design and narrate the book of your life?
GD: Woody Allen would write it, Dries van Noten would design it and Angelica Houston would narrate it.

L+T: What’s something you regret buying?
GD: Ice cream last night.

L+T: What’s the most fashionable place you’ve ever been?
GD: Anna Della Russo’s closet.

L+T: Who are three artists in your iPod that you’ll never take out?
GD: Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Destiny’s Child

L+T: Less or more?
GD: Less.

L+T: What makes a good photo?
GD: Light and emotion.

L+T: What fashion trends should we be looking forward to in 2011?
GD: I love hats and I would like to see more women and men adopting them into their wardrobe.

(“Cape” by Garance Doré commissioned exclusively for Life + Times.)