Dramatic in its purity, the next-generation SSC’s design is free of superfluous embellishment. Instead it yields to function-driven aesthetics, like a pattern of perforated ovals that aids engine cooling, buttresses that contribute to aerodynamics, and fenders that ebb and flow tightly and efficiently around the wheels. The design also showcases the supercar’s carbon fiber construction, exposing the lightweight, durable material in the grille, headlamp louvers, mirrors, lower body panels and sports the world’s first one-piece carbon fiber wheels.

The next-generation SSC’s dynamic stance telegraphs speed, even in when it’s standing still. “This has been accomplished by creating a very low and taut volume with an extremely cab-forward greenhouse, balanced by powerful hind quarters,” Castriota explains. “The car has a tremendous amount of tension, and quite literally looks ready for take-off.” Pure. Unadulterated. Adrenaline. (Shelby SuperCars)

The 2012 Shelby SuperCars ‘Next Generation’ is priced at $970,000.