Ill Communication



Photojournalist and commercial photographer Lyle Owerko dissects the metaphor of the boombox and shows off his collection of rare, vintage pieces, the inspiration behind his book, The Boombox Project.

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  1. Steven Ova says:

    really good video, i didnt realize it til now, but the boombox had a big effect on our hip hop community, and not only within the genre of hip, but it seemed to influence other levels of music, giving people a more expressive and open level of communication to produce great sounds… i just said alot of words O_o…. but the information in this video got me thinking and may have givin’ me additional ideas

    im inspired

  2. “I let my tape rock ’till my tape popped…”

  3. Charlotte says:

    When I see a boombox I remember buying a pack of cassettes with my allowance so that I could record all the love songs that came on the “For Lovers Only” segment of the radio. Then I’d pillow talk on the phone with the apple of my eye, playin my “For Lovers Only” cassette. LOL! Man I had game back in the day!

  4. Absolutely love this! Thanks for introducing us to Lyle – I will definitely keep my eye out for The Boombox Project

  5. watching this video put me in a very nostalgic mood. just thinking bout when i was growing up and how the boombox was such a strong symbol of hip-hop. there was nothing like hot summer mornings getting ready for the beach and the two things that were MUSTS was a boombox and a cooler full of alcohol. LOL i also couldnt help thinking back to LL COOL J who came into the game with practically a boombox attached to his shoulder , great memories

  6. That’s the pic from decoded…and also my wallpaper on my phone!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t live without my boombox!!

  8. the boombox just rock

  9. I want to start a boombox collection!

  10. Very Nice, takes you back man, takes you back…

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