Check The Credits: Jake One On Producing For Rick Ross, J. Cole, Drake, Wale, & More



“Mo Money (Interlude)” – J. Cole

With “Mo Money,” originally Drake had that. He recorded to it and was like “This is the shit.” He had recorded to multiple things, so I wasn’t really sure of what he was going to run with. I’m not sure how Cole got that beat, because I wouldn’t have sent it to him, only because I knew that Drake already had it. It’s like first come, first served with me. Drake was sitting with the beat for a while. Probably about a month before Cole had to turn the album in he was like “We need to ask Drake if he’s going to use it” [laughs]. Eventually, Drake let Cole get it. That record kind of reminds me of some 2000-ish J Dilla type stuff. He did “3 Wishes” & “Mo Money Interlude” literally around the same time. I thought “3 Wishes” was really dope. He initially wanted it for the album, but couldn’t find the right spot for it. He asked if he could put it on his Truly Yours 2 EP. I was cool with it.

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