Check The Credits: DJ Dahi Speaks On Producing For Big Sean, Drake, Madonna, & More



“Mamacita” – Travi$ Scott feat. Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan

“We literally made the beat for Diddy, but I guess it wasn’t the right vibe for him. That record came together when we were all working at Diddy’s spot. He had a bunch of producers and writers in there working together at the crib. Travi$ was there when we made the beat and kind of helped with production, but me and Metro made the beat. From there, I think Metro had a session with Rich Homie and Thug and they wrote some stuff to the record. I think when Travi$ had gotten to Atlanta Metro was like, “You remember this track we worked on?” That’s when Travi$ hopped on it. It definitely fits his style. It was just one of those things where I wondered where that record was going to go. I kind of didn’t like the beat. You know when you hear something too much, and you’re like, “I’m done with this”? I love when we initially made it. I thought it was a banger. It shows you that sometimes you just have to release music and let the fans kind of pick what they like and be the judge of it to some extent, because we as producers just live in a box. It’s just interesting how we made it for Diddy, but he didn’t think it was his style. It shows that one man’s trash can be another’s treasure. Somebody may not like it, but this person who does like it ends up using it and it becomes something really dope.”

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