Check The Credits: DJ Dahi Speaks On Producing For Big Sean, Drake, Madonna, & More



“Hell Of A Night” – Schoolboy Q

“I literally had this beat and was like let’s make a dance-rap record with the same kind of elements of the trap stuff. I would equate it maybe to a very moody, hollow type of sound. I made the record and sent it off to my manager. He happened to be hanging out with Q at the crib. Q heard it and started writing to it. I was in the studio the next day with Q. It’s dope to see when a record can come together so fast, because that means that there’s something really good about it. One thing I like about Q and that I can appreciate about him is that he kind of has the versatility to get on any record. He has the ability to make a dance record, and to also make a grimey record, and also to make a smooth record. He can make anything, because of his animation and his content in his music. I think some people were afraid of that record. They thought it felt like too much of a crossover record. It’s just cool to see how that record came together so fast. It was literally a two or three day process for the record to be done, so I’m really appreciative that it came out the way it did.”

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