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“Sheezus” – Lily Allen

“It pretty much came together through my publisher, who I told that I really wanted to work with Lily Allen. I’ve been a big fan of hers from when she first worked with Common. At the time, she was in the process of working on her album, so it was a thing of lets make a play to see if we could get on there. We reached out and heard that she liked some of the work I did with Kendrick Lamar. She was like, “Lets work.” I flew out to London and we worked for about three or four days. “Sheezus” was actually the first record we worked on together. We worked on a couple of ideas, but that was the main idea we worked on. She had the concept of wanting to work on a project called Sheezus. She wanted our record to be the theme song for it, and from there we kind of just came up with some melody ideas. I went in there having a sound that I wanted for her, where it could be a little more playful. From there we crafted it. It came out really dope. It was definitely a creative record where it sounded like a mixture of a whole bunch of genres, but still had that feel of who she is and what she wanted to talk about. It was a real dope experience.”

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