Check The Credits: DJ Dahi Speaks On Producing For Big Sean, Drake, Madonna, & More



“Money Trees” – Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay Rock

“That record was just me listening to some alternative music. I was bumping some Beach House, who I am a fan of, and wanting to see about sampling some of their music. From there I made a groovy rap record. My manager at the time had sent Kendrick the beat. I think it was right after he had performed at Coachella. I had met up with Kendrick about a week later. We were listening to some music and he played me the record. For me it was one of those magic moments where I didn’t know how this record came out like that. I didn’t envision it the way Kendrick did. Me and him tweaked the record for months to get it right in the pocket he was looking for. I didn’t even know Jay Rock had gotten on the record until like maybe a week before it had came out. To me, the Jay Rock verse was one of the best of that year. Even though I’ve heard some new stuff that he’s killed, I still think that’s his best verse. It really complimented the record and took it where it needed it go. I was just glad to see him on the record, just because I always knew he was a dope MC. That record is definitely one of my proudest moments of my short career.”

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