Check The Credits: DJ Dahi Speaks On Producing For Big Sean, Drake, Madonna, & More



“Babylon” – SZA feat. Kendrick Lamar

“SZA had already been working on her album pretty tough at the time. She had reached out asking if I had anything for her. I sent a few beats and that was one of them. She fell in love with it as soon as she heard it. She called me like, “This is amazing. I’m writing to it right now.” She wrote it within 48 hours of her initially hearing it. She sent it back to me so I could listen to it. I wasn’t sure about that record at first. I feel like some records are all about timing and that was definitely one of those. Sometimes I have to sit with a record and kind of figure it out, but over time I became more of a fan of it. It’s funny, because I had that beat for a while actually and before SZA had gotten it I had sent it off to some people, including Kendrick. He just never wrote to it, but he had planned to do a song to it. When he found out SZA was doing a record to it he ended up just doing a verse to it instead. I’ve realized that when you’re working with artists sometimes it’s just a chemistry thing. Kendrick and I have a certain sound together, so to hear him on the record wasn’t a surprise, but to have it for SZA was a dope experience, because I’ve seen her grow as an artist. I’ve been knowing SZA from before she started working with TDE. It’s amazing to see people realizing how talented she is and how she has a sound of her own too.”

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