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Space age materials, tailored fit and authentic design are the defining traits of Aether Apparel, the two-year old brainchild of two young Hollywood producers. Jonah Smith and Palmer West came to LA to make the type of films they wanted to see, and they did just that. The duo is responsible for bringing us Requiem for a Dream, Bill Maher’s Religilous, and The Clearing. Aether takes the same independent line, and fills a void most didn’t even know was there.

It is one part form, one part function. Both Smith and West are active skiers, but when they went to buy clothes to wear on the slopes they realized they were left with options that either sacrificed style for warmth, or technically advanced gear that was oversized and couldn’t be worn anywhere but the Arctic. Aether takes the most advanced outerwear fabrics and crafts them into form-fitting, urban styles that you can wear around Soho just as easily as you can wear on the slopes.


8 Responses to Above the Clouds

  1. Whats up with this? Jay, you should be targeting helping people get out of the hood and move forward in life. Why you gotta push name-brand desire for unattainable things. Look what people are doing just to get their hands on this kind of style.

    We at http://www.streetdigest.com stick to our roots. The news is raw, uncut and REAL. We hope that by showing you how bad it is, it will usher in a movement for the better.

  2. Joeyt says:

    It’s an upscale website. It’s not about helping people move forward. As if Jays music isn’t inspirational enough.

  3. ATG says:

    This site is completely awesome and inspirational. Those that become aware that they have to make the choice to help themselves…it’s not about what somebody can do for you…will be happier! No one has to conform to any type of style, etc. That’s the whole point, clearly: )

  4. MEL GRIMES says:

    hoped off the G4 hop in the G5…easy traveling gear

  5. Umm karma i totally Agree!

  6. style red is a good pair it light is a summer thing and go good with blue jay love nice blue i like red and the big black is nice to the big fresh it is two

  7. The art of worldy wisdom, that’s what I call a starting point!

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