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In most cases, fashion editors have pieces in their wardrobes that set them apart from their sartorial set. But collectively, they have one thing in common: Garance Doré. The French fashion blogger has been pioneering street-savvy style with lush photos, a mix of musings and must-haves peppered with illustrations for over four years on her site, clocking in some of the fashion world’s elite as daily readers. We caught up with Doré to find out a little more about her approach to style, creativity and blogging abroad.

Life + Times: What’s your go-to item of clothing?
Garance Doré:
Repetto ballerinas

L+T: What designer made you fall in love with fashion?
Yves Saint Laurent

L+T: How do you weave your illustrations into your editorial?
I write first and then I draw.

L+T: What makes you want to shoot a subject?
It’s a certain connection to a person or a place. If that person or place inspires me.

L+T: Which three people would write, design and narrate the book of your life?
GD: Woody Allen would write it, Dries van Noten would design it and Angelica Houston would narrate it.

L+T: What’s something you regret buying?
GD: Ice cream last night.

L+T: What’s the most fashionable place you’ve ever been?
GD: Anna Della Russo’s closet.

L+T: Who are three artists in your iPod that you’ll never take out?
GD: Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Destiny’s Child

L+T: Less or more?
GD: Less.

L+T: What makes a good photo?
GD: Light and emotion.

L+T: What fashion trends should we be looking forward to in 2011?
GD: I love hats and I would like to see more women and men adopting them into their wardrobe.

(“Cape” by Garance Doré commissioned exclusively for Life + Times.)

  • Tomi

    Fresh perspective on Garance Dore


    Great questions for Garance Doré.

  • Melo

    Cool site. Congrats on a great feature. Garance is by far the best fashion blogger of the moment. Beautiful photography, illustrations and site.

  • Brei

    She is so amazing! I look forward to her blog post every day

  • Edwina @FASHION+ART

    As an illustrator, I really appreciated her fashion art more than anything and had her website bookmarked although it was in French. She has such a beautifully loose and flowing style. Who needed to read it? I just wanted to look at it.

  • Safia tellal

    She’s my favorite Blogger and illustrator ! Love her fashion connection !
    Im from Morocco ! Yes !

  • Fashionthroughtravel

    Garance’s blog is the first thing I ckeck in the morning! She makes me start my day with a smile. This was a very inspiring interview!

  • Michele Lenore Ivey

    I like it…I like it….I think, maybe, I like it.
    Great questions, very simplistic but, very stylish ..
    Impressive Jay-Z …This site just may be a winner…..and #winning. LOL

  • Vonmiwi Culvera

    My day starts with reading the latest from my favorites: WSJ,The NYT’S, Nowness, Madame Figaro, All the Pretty Birds, Vogue Italia,The Sartorialist,Shala’s Rabbit Hole,Garance Doré, Jak & Jil, Anna Dello Russo, The Fashion Bomb Daily,Marian Kihogo and of course adding to my own blogs. Any one who creates gorgeous illustrations like hers are alright with me.

  • Anonymous

    Great interview. GD has amazing style and an impeccable eye. Wonderful to get to know her a little more.

    Stylishly yours,

  • Anonymous

    Great interview. GD has amazing style and an impeccable eye. Wonderful to get to know her a little more.

    Stylishly yours,

  • Hair Wax

    Garance Doré got the style. Can’t believe she did not say Jay Z as an artists she’ll never take out of her ipod. Shows how honest this site is. Thanks!

  • Nalima Toure

    adore her work, just posted about her yesterday!

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the great work JayZ and your team :) Coco, House of Romance NY

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jay & People…Do That!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jay & People…Do That!!!!!!!!

  • Amelia Alvarez

    Sweet post. I love Garance and I have been a fan of young hov since “Reasonable Doubt”. Check out my style blog

  • Lindsay K

    What a great read! This site is refreshing! Congrats- job well done!

  • Eva Jorgensen

    Garance is amazingly talented. And whenever I see photos of her, incredibly stylish, too! And great advice about the hats. I’ve always loved them and worn them… in style or not.

  • angry black male

    Well said, Garance…well spoken. garancedore and sartorialist are the two best fashion blogs in the business.

  • angry black male

    Great selections all, Vonmiwi. I particularly love Nowness. For those of you who have slept on nowness, you need to get your daily fix. In fact, there is an eerie similarity between Life&Times, and nowness. I don’t know…I’m just saying’. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…so it said.

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