adidas by RAF SIMONS Presents Autumn/Winter 2015-16



With Autumn/Winter 2015/16, the collaboration between adidas and Raf Simons continues for its fifth season. The inspiration is taken from outer space,  using a vintage astronauts as the creative starting point. The collection draws upon this idea for its colors and materials.

The characteristic adidas by Raf Simons models, the Stan Smith and Ozweego II, are featured in subtle and off white tones, with hues of yellow in addition to strong purple and green tones. The Stan Smith is also available in four different versions of worn and distressed leather, specifically treated to give an aged look. The Response Trail II is updated from last season in black and white with interchangeable spoilers in contrasting colors. Highlights of the collection will be two new exceptional silhouettes: the Response Trail Robot and the Ozweego Robot. Inspired by vintage astronaut suits and backpacks, moulded and machined details similar to authentic closures, zippers and straps are added.

Presented this January during Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the footwear range will hit retail in mid July 2015. Here, we take a closer look.

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