Visual Artist Rinat Shingareev Speaks On His Contemporary Paintings



Artist Rinat Shingareev began his career in Russia and since then, he’s spent his time painting the mugs of some of the most iconic people in today’s culture – in a pop-art sort of way. Here, the artist walks us through the creation of his latest paintings and why above all, he loves and values his professional freedom.

Life+Times: Tell me a little bit about your art education, as I know it began in Russia.
Rinat Shingareev:
My art education career began in Russia, I finished a fine arts school where I took a multitude of courses, from interior design to web design. These years also involved a lot of gallery shows of my paintings. Later on, I continued my education in Italy, where I finished with honors the Fine Art Academy. From there I continued painting and exhibiting in group shows through out Italy, Germany, and Austria.

L+T: You use daily images of famous and powerful individuals as the DNA of your creations. Why did you decide to focus on this facet?
The main purpose of my art is the desire to transmit the spirit of my era through the portraits of famous people. I try as much as possible to reveal my personages, paying attention not only to the large number of details, but [also] using different transitions and contrasts, unusual color combinations and special situations. Many of them have achieved the highest heights in sports, music, politics, and other spheres of activity, and their stories inspire others to do great things.

L+T: You’ve stated you have a cosmopolitan view of the world. What exactly does this mean?
I believe that art is a universal means of communication, which unites people with different culture, religion and traditions. Through my work I just refer to the whole world, revealing my thoughts and ideas. And I am sure that I can change the world for the better, by changing the inner world of one person.

L+T: What do you love most about what you do? What are you most proud of?
Most of all I love absolute freedom in my profession. I just do what has always dreamed of. For me, art is a huge window to the world of infinite possibilities, where I can experiment and realize my boldest ideas and projects. And I’m glad that all this was made possible thanks to the support of my family, which I am very proud.