Through The Pages of “Vitamin Green”



We recently caught up on Vitamin Green , Phaidon Book’s definitive and up to the minute guide to the world’s most innovative projects in green design. Covering a huge range of subjects from product and landscape designs, to building projects, to emerging green technologies that will revolutionize the future, Vitamin Green has brought together 75 of the brightest experts in sustainable design from around the world to nominate and vet what they consider to be the 100 most notable recent projects in their field. Everything from street lights that adjust to ambient moonlight to save energy, to solar handbags that charge your phone while on the go, to New York City’s High Line, to biodegradable shoes by Camper, to Masdar City, the first carbon neutral city smack dab in the middle of Abu Dhabi’s deserts. Here, Life+Times takes a look inside the pages of Vitamin Green.