The Making of Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP”



Twice (?uestlove’s Twice Baked Remix Feat. Solange Knowles and The Roots)

“‘Twice’ is a Little Dragon cover that we did on the Japan release of Black Radio. So if you buy Black Radio in Japan then you’ll see it as a bonus track. Quest, always wants to do stuff different, so he chose that one. So I met him up at the studio and he had the idea of doing it; his idea came from “Crooklyn Dodgers ’95“; the Primo joint. That’s where the rhythmic aspect and the “dings” came from. Then he had the idea of having Solange on it, and I’ve known Solange for a very long time, as well – since she was like nine –because I’m from Houston. I went to high school with Beyonce, so I’ve known Solange for awhile, so it was cool to do something with her. I’ve actually worked with her once before. But it was Quest’s idea, he didn’t even know we [Glasper and Solange] knew each other. We did everything [at the studio] where they record Late Night With Jimmy Fallon at, Quest had string players some in to the studio and we banged it out right there.”

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