The Making of Robert Glasper’s “Black Radio Recovered: The Remix EP”



Afro Blue Feat. Erykah Badu (9th Wonder Blue Light Basement Remix Feat. Phonte)

“Well 9th [Wonder] is one of my favorite producers – since Little Brother with him, Pooh and Phonte – so I definitely wanted to do something with him when I thought about doing this. I’d already done stuff with Phonte before. He was a guest with my band before. For 9th, I just hit him up and he was like, “cool, let’s do it.” He was already down with the Black Radio record anyway, he loved it. I asked him which one he wanted to do and he said “Afro Blue,” so I gave him all the files to the record. I didn’t have to do anything, he used my piano parts from the original.”

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