The Infusion



“We are creative directors. People come to us with challenges and we solve them creatively. Our solutions may be seen, heard, touched or tasted. Whatever form they take, they are a series of experiences that convey what we and our clients stand for.” – Moffitt.Moffitt

Twin brothers Mark and Andrew Moffit are the founders behind Sydney, Australia based creative agency Moffitt.Moffit and they’ve garnered much of their attention and recognition due to their cutting-edge aesthetic. They’ve put together a film about the cross pollination of bikes in Tokyo (which premiered at the Monomachi Festival), have been commissioned by Apple to infuse their energy and entrepreneurial ship into a generation of wide-eyed youngsters, and have worked alongside clients like Microsoft and Warner Music. Here, we take a peek inside their Surry Hills office for a peek at where the creativity sounding board takes place.