The Artist



“[…] what I’m doing is superficial acting: I don’t step into a figure and imagine how their life has been or where they live or what kind of family they have. I don’t go that deep. For me, what I see in the mirror is much more decisive, and I attempt to change what I see in the mirror into something new and surprising for me.” Cindy Sherman, quoted in Cindy Sherman: Clowns, interview by Isabelle Graw.

American photographer Cindy Sherman, who is best known for her conceptual portraits, has had an iconic career since training at Buffalo State College. She’s single-handedly challenged the role of women in society, our ever changing cultural community and the creation of “art” throughout her works. Here, Life+Times profiles an influential artist who manages to penetrate various artistic forums with her boundary-pushing creations. Sherman’s gallery exhibition is now open at the MOMA. All images courtesy of  the artist and Metro Pictures, New York.

Untitled Film Still,” 1977 (black and white photograph 10 x 8 inches)

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