Roy Lichtenstein: The “Maestro of Pop Art”



Roy Lichtenstein, the “Maestro of Pop Art” first became involved with sculpture in the early 1960’s, starting with small painted wood and ceramic sculptures and moving towards more complicated pieces. ROY LICHTENSTEIN: SCULPTOR is a selection of the artist’s sculptures from 1968 to the end of his life, covering his sculptural oeuvre in ceramic, bronze, wood, porcelain, steel, and aluminum, as well as drawings, collages, and maquettes that describe the artist’s working processes and his pioneering experimentations in three dimensions. ROY LICHTENSTEIN: SCULPTOR not only documents the process, from sketches to large-scale interventions in urban contexts, but also examines Lichtenstein’s work fabrication methods and industrial techniques. This catalog is complete with excerpted interviews, texts, and behind-the-scenes photos that show his ideas about space, scale, material and industrial production. From the infamous “Barcelona Head” at the center of Port Vell, commissioned for the 1992 Olympic games to “Modern Head” in NYC’s Battery Park City, a sculpture temporarily used by the FBI as a message board during the September 11th investigations, this is a must-have for American pop art admirers.  ROY LICHTENSTEIN: SCULPTOR is available now.

© Roy Lichtenstein: Sculptor, Skira, 2013.