My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy



American contemporary artist George Condo has been cited as taking inspiration from American caricature, Greek mythological characters, dark humor, and family portraits – all of which are evident in his bold creations, such as the artwork for Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Here, Life+Times hands the pencil over to Mr. Condo and lets him wax poetic on a selection of his works thus far.

The Cloudmaker,” 1984 (Oil on canvas, 26 x 32 inches)

“Painted in the Canary Islands, on the run from New York. Thinking about Old Master Graffiti, simulated found paintings and jewels.”

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5 Responses to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  1. hab………………………

  2. Decipher Shaun says:

    This was made in 1982 ?

  3. Decipher Shaun says:

    I mean 84 ?

  4. Michele England says:

    Love all of this!

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