Light and Magic




Iconic furniture and accessories are at the core of Droog’s pedigree. The Amsterdam-based conceptual design operation was co-founded by art historian Renny Ramakers and product designer Gijs Bakker in 1993. “I wanted to be part of history, instead of only investigating it,” Ramakers said, who broadened Droog’s vision when Bakker departed in 2009.

At Salone del Mobile in Milan, Droog issued a manifesto flush with mindful practices. Dozens of initiatives are in the works to support this sustainable approach, including a move to reuse discarded corporate stock. Ongoing projects in Dubai, New York, Moscow and Canada attempt to infuse local perspectives with design innovation.

“True luxury changes as society and people change, as it responds to changing scarcities,” Ramakers said. In the project Luxury of the North, designers Winy Maas and Cynthia Hathaway examine a stretch of northern Canada for influences that translate to other regions.

“There will always be a need for new products, and this need will become even bigger with so many new consumers arriving on stage,” Ramakers said. It’s time to see how we can create systems that meet these needs, systems that at the same time are in tune with today’s urge for reducing waste, and systems that can generate new inspirations for designers as well.” (Droog)