Life+Times Presents: Dan Colen, A Retrospective



Dan Colen’s work has been exhibited in the Gagosian Gallery, Deitch Projects and OHWOW. Here, the New Jersey born artist breaks down some of his most compelling and controversial work.

Disappearing Act“, 2011, mixed media installation/”Blim! Blim!“2011, Tar and Feather on canvas, 80 x 120 inches

“Both of these pieces were part of a show I made as a kind of dedication to my friend Dash Snow who died in 2009. ‘Tarred and Feathered’ was an idea he was interested in that he had discussed with me. I felt compelled to try to realize something inspired by that idea. I produced a very straightforward series of paintings. I make them by actually tarring and feathering the canvas. The sculpture is a collection of restraints, different devices to lock things away, trap things, tie them down–devices of control.”

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