Higher Level



L+T: What is your design process like?
Sketching independently and then sketching together. Then we move into illustrator 3D and play back and forth and dream and building and explode our visions into reality.

L+T: How did your relationship with AOL begin?
We began making friends during our Art Basel experience where AOL and Paper Magazine joined forces to help us create “Rainbow City” in Miami. AOL is about connecting people and so are we. Ultimately, we want to connect the whole world to make a magical rainbow bridge of love that allows people to act as spiritually advanced creatures – treating each other and our Earth in a happy manner.

L+T: As the founders of FriendsWithYou, how did the two of you come together? What was your original idea when starting your company?
We wanted to empower people with new spiritual amulets and start a new religion, but we didn’t want it to be dogmatic or boring. We wanted everyone to own the magic! We wanted everyone to be playful and fun. We started by hand sewing plush toys with a deeper meaning behind them. And it grew and grew. We feel the world was ready to wake up and make a giant magic fireball.

L+T: What is the philosophy behind FriendsWithYou?
Magic, luck, and friendship. We are FriendsWithYou! We aim to reinterpret religious and spiritual acts into playful and accessible life experience. To reinterpret religious and spiritual acts into playful and accessible life experiences! To give power to all people. To create a global village. To be real. To defeat isolation and enjoy each other and support each other.

L+T: What are you working on next?
We are trying to influence culture on a mass level. We are continuing our journey to spread spirituality and offer people once in a lifetime experiences. We are in development for our first TV show for kids that will one day change the world and make this place the best spot in the universe.

L+T: What trouble are you planning on getting into?
All of it!

Photos by Erika Velazquez