Herbie Fletcher Presents “Wrecktangles” At The Hole NYC



Here are the six major new works by surf legend and artist Herbie Fletcher on display at New York’s The Hole Gallery. These artworks are massive and vital, like the huge waves the artist was known for pioneering during his 50-year plus career as a surfer. These pieces are made from the wave-munched fragments of broken boards actually used when surfing giant waves. The thunderous force of the ocean is apparent in these jagged and misshapen “wrecktangles,” but perhaps the most eye-catching component is the various decals, traction pads, fins or logos that show both the personalization of each board and the sponsorship and awards circuits of pro surfing. The combination of the odd formal geometries of a late Frank Stella with the pop cacophony of logos and images, makes for a very interesting work of art that is charged with energy and life.